Some time ago and in an effort to have better communications with my daughter in California, we started doing video calls. It struck me that this videoconferencing technology, cost prohibitive several years ago, is now available to a multitude of people. After reviewing a number of systems we settled on program from While there is a large number of sites to choose from, ooVoo offered a system that crossed more OS's and devices for free. ooVoo works on Apple, Ios, MS & Android systems using compatible desktops, laptops and cell phones (again all for free). It will handle up to 12 people in a conference session and has a video messaging component that can send messages for viewing on the same OS's and devices mentioned above.

Since starting videoconferencing sessions with my daughter, I have been researching ways that this technology can benefit a small business like mine. Applying a little imagination it seems a representative, like myself, could send a video message to new customers announcing his appointment to their account. A retail salesperson missing at product introduction meeting could be brought up to date with a "face-to-face" intro instead of second hand information methods. Retail salespeople can contact customers and gain personal recognition before the customer visits the store. The possibilities are numerous.

I was always taught, people perceive the importance of your message, in great part, by the technology you use to deliver it. The more sophisticated the technology, the more important your message. Looks like there is a good future with this method of communication.

It is a simple download and easy to use. If you start, send me an invitation; use either of my ID's, rtyler1347 or rtyler13. We'll see what ideas we can come up with. Below is a link to the site.


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